Comparing the 560, 800 and 1050 model grills from the Masterbuilt Gravity Series range.

Which Masterbuilt gravity series model is best for me?

All three of the Gravity series models have very similar features and capabilities, that is:

  • They are versatile in that you can grill, bake, sear, roast and smoke on them
  • Can be temperature controlled remotely via the digital controls or using the App
  • Fuelled by charcoal by an attached hopper
  • Can do up to 15 hours of cooking with one load of charcoal
  • Have a temperature range of 100-700F
  • All have a Family size grilli large main grill and 2 warming racks
  • Rotisserie enabled (though sod separately).

The Gravity Series of grills provide choices in size, cooking area, and function, although all models offer both grilling and smoking capabilities. The middle size also offers the convenience of a griddle function.

There are 3 Gravity Series models in the collection: the 560, the 800 and the 1050.  The 560 is, to a degree the no-frills (or less frills) model in the series, designed to be more accessible budget wise. The 800 and the 1050 models offer more space, more comfort features, and of course, come at a higher price.

Whats the difference between the Masterbuilt Gravity Series grills?

The main differences between the 560, 800 and 1050 models are:

  • Their overall Size, Footprint and Weight
  • Their cooking capacity
  • The cooking options they provide
  • Some smaller feature variances

Size and cooking capacity

The size of each of the different models varies quite considerably, which in turn effects things such as surface cooking area, capacity, weight and fuel efficiency.

Gravity Series 560Gravity Series 800Gravity Series 1050
Total cooking surface area (sq inches)5608001050
Main cooking grill dimensions (cm)56 x 3862 x 4372 x 46
Warming rack 1 (cm)56 x 1462 x 2267 x 30
Warming rack 2 (cm)56 x 1462 x 2267 x 19
Assembled dimensions (cm)137 W x 132 H x 62 D138 W x 129 H x 77 D155 W x 132 H x 84 D
Weight (kg)679395
Cooking capacity8 chickens
4 racks of ribs
37 sausages
21 burgers
12 chickens
6 racks of ribs
57 sausages
36 burgers
17 chickens
7 racks of ribs
67 sausages
45 burgers

There is a notable difference in the cooking area of the three grills, both in terms of the main cooking grill size and the total cooking/warming area.   This, for many, is one of the main variances to consider when choosing which model is right for them.

The 560 model has a main grilling surface of 2,128sqcm and total cooking surface of 3,696sqcm, compare this to the 1050 model which has 3,132sqcm main grilling area and 6,595 total cooking area, which is obviously a big difference when it comes to how many racks of ribs or burgers you can cook at any one time.


One downside of a larger grill area means a larger area to heat and therefore higher fuel consumption for each cook.  Just something to consider if you’re of the mindset that the bigger the better.

Cooking options

There is only one real difference here and that is with the 800 model.  All models are great grills, but only the Masterbuilt 800 has the included facility to be converted to a griddle.

The process for converting between grilling and griddling and back again is quite simple, you just remove the two grill grates, swap over the manifold that is stored on the bottom shelf of your grill and insert the griddle on the grill surface.  This gives you a heavy steel cooking surface of 62 x 43cm.

Feature variations

There are several feature variations, some practical and some aesthetic.  The main ones to consider are the additional front shelf that both the 800 and 1050 models come with, the folding feature of the warming racks of the 800 and 1050 plus the Inner wall construction of the 800 and the 1050.

Masterbuilt Gravity Series Model Differences

Gravity Series 560Gravity Series 800Gravity Series 1050
Front shelfNoYesYes
Side shelf constructionPowder coatedStainless steelStainless steel
Lower shelf constructionExpanded metalSolidSolid
Warming racks2 removable half racks2 foldaway racks2 foldaway racks
Power cord storageNoYesYes
Inner walls constructionAluminized steel & part doublePorcelain-coated, all doublePorcelain-coated, all double
Tool rack3 knobs3 knobs + 3 hooks3 knobs + 3 hooks
Grease trap locationLower frontLower frontLeft-hand side


Any of the Masterbuilt Gravity series grills are great for those that love the taste of charcoal-cooked food, but don’t appreciate the constant monitoring required for the perfect smoky taste. charcoal unit.

The Gravity Series provides choices in size, cooking area, and function, although all models offer both grilling and smoking capabilities. The middle size also offers the convenience of a griddle function.

They are all good-sized units with a host of features and the small variances and subsequent varying prices of each of the models means that there is a model to suit most people’s grilling, smoking and griddling needs.