Scorch-A-Sauraus Chilli & Garlic Salt Grinder


Add some garlic, saltiness and a blast of heat to your food with Teh Dorset Spice Sheds Sotch-A-Saurus grinder.. Try it on anything from beans to burgers, chips to chicken – anywhere that would taste better with some serious scorching.

We use sea salt, classic chilli flakes, cayenne and fruity Habanero chilli plus garlic for tongue-tingling seasoningness.

Amazing on chilli salt and garlic chips, salt chilli and garlic chicken.

Made by hand in Dorset with no additives or preservatives


Ingredients: Sea salt, chilli flake, garlic, paprika, cayenne, Habanero chilli (4%)

Vegan and gluten-free

Category: Brand: Dorset Spice Shed
Dorset Spice Shed