Rotisserie 23″ Grande

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About the Kamado Bono Rotisserie….

Revolutionise your charcoal grilling experience and transform your Kamado Bono into a rotisserie-style grill with the Rotisserie attachment.  Constructed from durable, 304-grade stainless steel, the spit rods and forks allow for pristine balance and steady rotation of up to 50-pounds of beef, pork or chicken resulting in meats that are smoky, juicy, and tender.

The quiet, yet powerful, UK 240V motor provides a steady circulation for flawless food.

  • · Stainless steel spit rods allow for steady rotation of food to ensure foods are smoky, juicy and tender
  • · Powerful 240V motor to provide steady circulation during the cooking process
  • · Cook up to 50-pounds of meat at once
  • · Wedge shape construction seals in heat and smoke to provide optimal heat retention
  • · Easy installation

Suitable for the Kamado Bono 23″ Grande.

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66 x 65 x 14cm
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