ProQ Flip’N Grate

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The ProQ Flip’n Grate is an amazingly versatile stainless steel grilling tool, it can transform how you cook on your BBQ or campfire.

Your food is safely contained within this awesome grill allowing it to be turned over without the risk of it falling apart as it might do on a grill. You are also able to raise and lower the grates position to the fire therefore controlling the temperature of the cook.

  • This simple system increases the versatility of your kettle barbecue and can be used as a standalone grill
  • The ProQ  Flip’n Grate is compatible with most kettle barbecues and comes with a ring to fit either 47cm or 57cm sizes
  • This handy grill also works free-standing and packs flat into the bag, great for camping, beach days and even fire pits
  • Stainless steel construction for rust free durability, flat pack-able and portable, a must have for camping


The Flip’N Grate includes:

  • ProQ Flip’n Grate Basket plus Round Base with integrated pole
  • Canvas carry bag
  • 47cm Base also includes an extra pole for use with ProQ V4 BBQ Smokers

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  • Basket – 320 x 320 x 40mm
  • Height of pole – 440 mm
  • Weight – 3.5KG
  • Fits all ProQ V4 BBQ Smokers, 47cm Kettle BBQs
  • Fits Older Model ProQ Excel (Not Ranger/Frontier)
  • Requires V4 Charcoal Basket to fit Older Model Ranger/Frontier
  • Also works free standing


  • Basket – 390 x 390 x 40mm
  • Height of pole – 460 mm
  • Weight – 4.3KG
  • Fits 57cm Kettle BBQs, also works free standing.