ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet with Salmon Cold Smoking & Curing Kit

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ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet

The ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet is a perfect companion for our ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, and is a great smoking chamber for beginners and regular users alike.

Made from weather resistant Galvanised Steel, this smoking cabinet is lightweight, durable and will survive all kinds of weather.

The ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet has enough space to hang fish, smoke 2-3Kg of cheese or butter, and is perfect for smoking your own bacon.


  • Specifically designed for use with the Original ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (small)
  • Plenty of space to cold smoke your own fish, bacon, cheese or butter at home
  • Includes 3 removable stainless steel grills for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight, easy to store galvanised cabinet with magnetic locking door
ProQ Salmon Curing & Smoking Kit

The ProQ Salmon Curing & Smoking Kit is a great introduction to learning how to make your own cold smoked salmon. Included is everything you need to make your own traditionally cured salmon, plus a cold smoke generator to smoke with it afterwards.

Homemade smoked salmon is easy to make and the results are so much better than anything you can buy, so why not give it a go with our easy-to-follow instructions! All you need is your fish and a container to smoke it in.

The kit contains everything you need to cure 2 x 500g of your own smoked salmon.

Compatible with the ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet.

Whats included:

  • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator
  • Premium Beech Smoking Wood Dust
  • Traditional Salmon Cure
  • 2 Meat Hooks
  • 2 Resealable Curing Bags
  • Full Detailed Curing & Smoking Instructions

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