Primo Compatible Spit-on-Fire Rotisserie

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Add an extra dimension to your Primo Grill with a Primo compatible Spit On Fire rotisserie. Spin whole chickens, pork roasts and beef tenderloins plus much, much more. The rotisserie turns your BBQ into a full-fledged rotisserie grill and all of this while maintaining the insulating properties of the ceramic grill!

The Spit on Fire Rotisserie incorporates a metal frame that sits on the Primo base. Each Primo grill has its own rotisserie and the kit includes rotisserie pack and mains power pack.


  • Made from durable 304 steel
  • Extra powerful motor allowing it to turn food up to 20kg
  • Mains powered
  • Includes Ring, Spit, Motor & Forks
  • Models available for JR200, LG300 & XL400

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