Primo Oval JR200 in Cart with Stainless Steel Shelves

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The made in the USA Primo Oval Ceramic JR200 will give all the benefits of a Primo’s patented oval shape, but in a smaller version, offering superior cooking efficiency and accessibility to grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food.

Its unique oval shape allows it to deliver the highest cooking flexibility and efficiency of any ceramic grill creating two different and distinct cooking zones, direct and indirect.  Almost like using a grill and an oven at the same time. Grill steaks on the direct side and roast seafood or vegetables on the indirect side.

The Reversible Cooking Grid, Heat Deflector Plates, Extension Racks, and other accessories allow you to create multiple different cooking configurations.

This package includes the Primo Starter pack – Everything you need to get started:

  • Heat Deflector plates
  • HD Plates
  • Firebox Divider
  • Ash tool
  • Grate lifter
  • New Stainless Steel cooking Grids
  • FREE Bag of Primo Charcoal worth £29.99

-Stainless Steel Grill Cart:  The Primo Cart With Stainless Steel Side Shelves is a high quality, heavy duty trolley tailored for the Primo Oval Grill. Easily mount your grill into the durable steel base and give your grill both stability and mobility.

Easily mount your grill into the durable steel base and give your grill both stability and mobility.


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Limited Lifetime Warranty Backed by a 20-Year Guarantee
Primo is the only ceramic grill company to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty backed by a 20-Year Guarantee. Primo’s limited lifetime warranty with a 20-year guarantee assures that your new grill is covered for many years of use and enjoyment.

Primo Ceramic Grills warrants at the date of purchase for the following periods:

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Backed by a 20 year guarantee for all ceramic parts.
  • 5 years for all metal parts.
  • 1 year for all cast-iron parts.
  • 30 days on thermometers and felt gaskets.

Premium-Grade Ceramic Body (2cm Thickness)

2 piece reversible porcelain coated cooking grate

Temperature Range of  / 66°C—454°C+

Easy to read Analogue Thermometer with °F and °C measurements

Powder Coated Steel Bands & Hinges

Cast Iron Charcoal Grate

Stainless Steel Draft Door

Includes Ash Tool, Grate Lifter, Heat Deflector Racks & Plates and Fire Box

Optional rack system increases potential cooking area to 2,323 cm²

Cooking Grid (cm)
34 x 47
Cooking Area (cm²)
Optional Rack System (cm²)
Total Potential Cooking Area (cm²)
Maximum Temperature (°C)

Primo Oval Ceramic grills are built to live outdoors as the premium-grade ceramics, glazes and hardware used throughout the construction are made to withstand extreme climates so Primo Oval Ceramic Grills can be depended on whatever their location.  This  means that Primo Oval Ceramic Grills practically take care of themselves,  they work like a self-cleaning oven needing only the minimal of cleaning and periodic inspection.

Primo Cooking Configurations

Primo Ceramic Grills can be used as a grill, an oven, a roaster, or a smoker.

Grilling & Searing

Use this configuration for grilling meat such as steaks, chicken breasts, or any foods that benefit from cooking directly over the charcoal fire.

Grilling & Roasting

Use direct and indirect cooking zones to grill meat on the direct side, while roasting tender foods like seafood and vegetables on the indirect side.

Baking, Roasting & Smoking

Use for indirect cooking such as an oven or smoker. Low to medium temperature cooking for baking pizza or smoking meat. (Heat deflectors / racks required).

Key Features

Premium-Grade Ceramics

Primo ceramic grills are composed of a proprietary blend of natural materials to make the highest grade of ceramics available for superior heat and moisture retention.

Exceptional Temperature Control

Cook as low as 150°F to smoke a salmon or to well over 850°F for sizzling steaks. Or cook “low and slow” for multiple hours to enjoy a succulent leg of lamb or tender pulled pork.

Lights Easily & Heats Quickly

Fast heating time means you can be ready to cook in as little as 15 minutes.

Low Maintenance & Self Cleaning

Primo ceramic grills practically take care of themselves. Periodic inspections ensure that your grill will perform and look great for years.

Weather Resistant

Primo ceramic grills are made to live outdoors. Our premium-grade ceramics, glazes and hardware are made to withstand extreme climates.

Extensive range of Primo accessories

Realise the true versatility of the Primo Kamado with a range of accessories; including heat deflector plates, extension racks, firebox divider, baking stone and cast iron griddle and grates.