Orange Wood Smoking Chips

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Orange Wood Smoking Chips…

Sourced from groves in the Valencia region of Spain, these pale yellow chips have a fragrant, zingy citrus aroma. This rich, sweet but not overpowering smoke flavour complements milder flavoured foods

The chips are an irregular 3 to 10mm in size and ideal for use in a regular BBQ, smoker or any grill with a lid and ventilation. Add to white hot coals or protect in a smoker box. As they heat up their aromatic flavours are released infusing lovely smoky flavours into your food.

Pairing Notes: Complements fish, white meats and poultry.

Flavour Guide: MEDIUM

Size: 500g; Giving you enough smoking chips for around 3 to 4 smoking projects.


Category: Brand: Hot Smoked