KAMADO X® Rotisserie Kit

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About the Kamado X Rotisserie Kit…

Transform your Kamado X grill into a self turning rotisserie with this Rotisserie kit. The rotisserie itself is wedged-shaped which ensures the grill is efficiently sealed off, thereby preventing any heat loss. The adjustable forks and spit rod are made of stainless steel giving it a high quality and durable finish.

The rotisserie has a powerful, yet quiet motor which produces a slow and steady rotation. This not only ensures the food is cooked evenly, but it also preserves the meat’s juices and enhances the food’s flavour even more!


  • Stainless steel skewer
  • Two stainless steel shafts 
  • One stainless steel thread
  • Two stainless steel forks 
  • Battery driven motor

Available for the Kamado X Classic or Kamado X Midi.

Key Stats:

Classic –

  • 58cm x 59cm x 6.2cm
  • Iron Ring – 53cm
  • Weight – 5.5KG

Midi –

  • 58cm x 64.5cm x 6.2cm
  • Iron Ring – 58cm
  • Weight – 6KG
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