KAMADO X® 2-Zone Multi Level Cooking System

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About the Multi-Level Cooking System…

Take your grilling experience with the Multi-Level Cooking Accessory Grill to the next level.  This multi level  two-zone cooking system enables cooking different dishes simultaneously at different temperatures and on different height levels! This system is a replacement for the traditional grill grate.

Place the main rack on top of your Kamado fire ring and enjoy ample space to cook a variety of items. The half moon heat deflectors offer indirect cooking, perfect for meats, as they allow heat to circulate and prevent burning. The accessory rack, ideal for a drip pan, sits on top. Then, use the half moon grills for baking, roasting, slow smoking, or low temperature cooking.

Create heat zones by setting up indirect and direct cooking sides, or even elevate one grate for low-temperature cooking.



  • 47cm x 47cm x 15cm
  • Half Moon Heat Deflectors – 380cm (diameter) Thickness 1.5cm


  • 50cm x 50cm x 15cm
  • Half Moon Heat Deflector – 380cm (diameter) Thickness 1.5cm


Compatible With;

Classic – Kamado Joe Classic Joe Series 1/2/3

Classic – Big Green Egg LARGE

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