Kamado Fibre Glass Gasket Seal Kit 15″ Minimo Grills

£29.99 inc. VAT

This 2pc self sealing gasket seal is made from a special fibre that is very resistant to heat and mechanical stress. It is also reinforced with woven steel mesh maximally reduced air leakage – your grill will become much more waterproof!

This gasket seal design is the product that all new Kamado Bono Grills have installed and fits the Minimo Kamado Bono’s as well as any Kamado with a diameter of 15″


SKU: KB-Gasket-2 Category: Brand: Kamado Bono
Kamado Bono


  • Carefully remove the old seal, clean any dust and remove existing glue residue.
  • Degrease the surface.
  • Replace the gasket seal in room temperature!
  • Place a new seal, use metal sheet shears for removing any excess.
  • Connect the ends using a connecting strip.