Hot Smoking Gift Set

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This multi award winning kit contains all you need to turn your BBQ into a Hot Smoker including three different wood smoking chip flavours in Oak, Cherry and Beech, our solid stainless steel smoker box, a Spicy BBQ Rub plus a 24 page recipe booklet and our useful Guide to Wood Smoke Flavours. Gift boxed with a printed sleeve, this starter kit makes a fabulous gift for all outdoor foodie cooks and BBQ enthusiasts. Suitable for use on a BBQ or smoker, charcoal or gas heat source.

Overall Gift of the Year 2019 and winner of the Food & Drink and Garden & Outdoor categories.


  • Oak Chips– a strong but versatile flavour great with meats, chicken, salmon and vegetables.
  • Cherry Chips– sweetish, mellow smoke for lamb, white meats, duck, fruit and vegetables.
  • Beech Chips – a light, nutty flavour perfect for delicate flavoured foods such as seafood, fish and vegetables.
  • Spicy BBQ Rub – contains Salt, Chilli, Rosemary, Paprika, Allspice and Garlic and is supplied in a glass shaker jar.
  • Hot Smoked reusable stainless steel Smoker Box.
  • 24 Page recipe booklet and wood guide.

Gift box L38 x W24 x H5 cm

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Box Size
38cm x 24cm x 5cm
Hot Smoked

Smoke flavour guide:

Choosing a wood depends on the food you are cooking. The depth of smoke flavour does vary across the various hardwoods and fruitwoods used in food smoking, from the more subtle tones of beech to a full blast of mesquite. Creating recipes, blending woods, going for a big smoky hit or just a hint of woody tones is all part of the food smoking adventure.

This introduction guide will help you pair your recipe with just the right wood. Listed below are our woods according to strength and which foods they will complement.


Choose a lighter smoke wood flavour for delicately flavoured foods such as trout, seafood, white meats, fruits and vegetables.

Our lighter smoking woods include Beech, Alder, Almond, Orange, Pear and Plum


Select a wood with a medium, mellow smoke flavour for chicken, fish, pork, cheese and vegetables or tone down the smoke strength for stronger flavoured foods such as lamb and beef.

Choose from Apple, Apricot, Cherry and Maple for wonderfully mellow aromatic smoke flavour.


Match a heavy smoke flavour to robust flavoured foods such as beef, lamb, game and oily fish such as salmon and mackerel. Or if you like your food really smoky, these are the flavours for you.

Choose from oak, cabernet oak, chestnut, whisky oak, hickory, mesquite and juniper.