Fruit Wood Smoking Chips Selection 3 x 500G

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Fruit Wood Chips Selection Mix including:

1 x Plum Wood Chips – 500G

1 x Apricot Wood Chips – 500G

1 x Orange Plum Chips – 500G

Plum Wood Chips:

Sourced from orchards in Eastern Europe, plum is a subtle smoking wood flavour, with a delicate smoky sweetness. An excellent pairing with lighter meats, pork, chicken and fish as well as vegetables and a great addition to BBQ desserts.

Orange Chips:

Sourced from groves in the Valencia region of Spain, these pale yellow chips have a fragrant, zingy citrus aroma. This rich, sweet but not overpowering smoke flavour complements fish, white meats and poultry.

Apricot Chips:

Apricot is a wonderfully fragrant smoke flavour with a mild sweetness. A delicious smoky partner to pink and white meats so try with pork, especially ribs, chicken, turkey, fish and vegetables.

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