Drevos CLASSIC 15 Smokehouse

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Drevos Smokehouse Wheels

To allow ease of moving, have a set of four extra strength wheels fitted to the bottom of your Smokehouse.  
About Drevos Smokehouse…

Hand built in the EU, the Drevos Smokehouse combines traditional handcrafted design with state of the art smoking technology.  The versatility of the smokehouse allows you to hot and cold smoke foods, cure, roast and even steam boil.

Key Features of the Drevos Smokehouse:

  • Various size smokers are available that are large enough to take between 15kg and 50kg of meat or food.
  • There are a choice of digital controls available.  The Classic Models allow fully digitised temperature controlling, and the ability to control the level of smoke at all times.  The Smart model has the additional features of timer plus the ability to create and utilise a collection of pre-programmed instructions that fully manage temperature, smoke input, and fans.
  • All Drevos Smokehouses are super insulated. The walls are built using 60mm of basalt wool, two layers of aluminum foil, pine lining, hermetic clay, pine bricks, stainless steel, and linden lining. Thus there will be no temperature spikes. This also means that there will be no condensation with the chamber as humidity is prevented from entering, plus you will get maximum efficency from the the powerful 1.8kw heating element.
  • All Drevos Smokehouses come with an externally fitted 4L capacity smoke generator which can create up to 16 hours of stable smoke.
  • The Drevos Smokehouses use convection to ensure an even distribution of smoke and an even temperature throughout the chamber during the smoking process. Additionally, the fitted convection fan even provides additional airflow during drying and curing, thus increasing the quality of your product.

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About the Drevos Classic 15….
  • Internal Chamber Dimensions: 84cm x 33cm x 33cm (91 Litres)
  • Maximum Temp: 120C
  • Maximum Load: 15kg
  • Weight 60kg
  • Includes 4L Capacity External Smoke Generator providing up to 16 hrs of stable smoke per load
  • Controls: Digital temperature and smoke level controls

Important Product Ordering Details:

All Drevos Smokehouses are made to order and therefore the lead time is approximately 12-16 weeks. Regular updates of the delivery schedule will be provided.

Payment Options:
A deposit payment of 20% is required to place the order and the balance is due prior to your Smokehouse being dispatched.

(Please note that the Paypal Pay-In-3 facility is available for both deposit payments and the final balance payment).

Shipping Costs:
Shipping costs of your Smokehouse from the production warehouse in the EU is not included in the price.  At the point that your Smokehouse is due for shipping from the manufacturer the shipping cost will be confirmed.  The shipping costs includes transportation to your address plus all importing costs. As a guideline, this cost is between £200 and £300.

Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding any of the information provided.

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Thermal Insulated wall constructed of 60mm of basalt wool, two layers of aluminum foil, pine lining, hermetic clay, pine bricks, stainless steel, and linden lining

Smoke Generator construction: 2mm thick 304 AISI stainless steel

15 KG
Exterior Dimensions
135cm x 46cm x 46cm
Interior Dimensions
84cm x 33cm x 33cm (91.4L)
Power Consumption
1.9 Kw
Maximum Temperature
120 C
60 Kg

Uses of the Drevos Smokehouse…

Hot smoking
To smoke hot you can set any temperature between 0 and 120C and the chamber will maintain it with the help of the heating element, also you can set any smoke density to smoke your product the way you want, the convection fan will ensure even distribution of the heat and smoke in the chamber, so your product will be evenly cooked and smoked from all sides. If you smoke a lot of products in multiple layers, everything will be cooked at the same time, if you smoke something huge, it will be even from the bottom top
Cold smoking

There is no better equipment for cold smoking, up to 16 hours of autonomous work without the need to add more fuel.

Tar and condensation filter makes it super easy to use and a very reliable way to smoke cold. The option to perfectly maintain low temperatures, lets you to even smoke cold during winter perfectly, and convection provides even distribution of smoke and temperature in the chamber. You can even dry or cure your product before smoking cold straight inside this chamber

Use the combination of a heating element and fans to dry your products, before or without smoking, you can dry meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and a lot of things
Cause the heating and smoke generation are two separate systems you can roast your products without the smoke, like in an oven, with temp up to 120C. Convection will ensure the quality of your product and will cook it evenly
You can also dry your product in the same chamber before roasting for additional juiciness
You can do Prosciutto, Jamón, Pastirma, Biltong, Chorizo, Bresaola, Pastrami
Drevos Classic Controls:

Whats Included…….

  • 1pc Smoker Chamber
  • 1pc External Smoke Generator
  • 2pc Shelves
  • 5pc Piles
  • 15pc Stainless Hooks
  • 1pc User Manual
  • 3kg Wood Chips