Dorset Spice Shed BBQ Seasonings Gift Set


This BBQ Selection set includes our three fab Jurassic BBQ rubs to make the perfect gift for the person out there on the patio. They’ll get our smokey, herby Steakasaurus, Lemon, basil and ginger Chicken Rex and smooth, spicy Lebanese-style Kebabaraptor. No prob if they’re vegan – all our blends are vegan and they go just as well on oven-cook, grill or fry veg and meat substitutes.

Also included, the Dorset Spice Shed ‘Umami’ seasoning which brightens the flavour of almost all savoury dishes giving them that tastiness you thought you only got in top restaurants plus, inspired by our coast’s volcanic past Scorch-A-Sauraus chilli and salt grinder adds garlic, saltiness and a blast of heat with every grind. Try it on anything from beans to burgers, chips to cheese on toast – anywhere that would taste better with some serious scorching. We use sea salt, classic chilli flakes, cayenne and fruity Habanero chilli plus garlic for tongue-tingling seasoningness.

Amazing on chilli salt and garlic chips, salt chilli and garlic chicken.


  • Jurassic Rubs Chicken Rex BBQ 60g
  • Jurassic Rubs Steak-A-Sauraus BBQ 60g
  • Jurassic Rubs Kebab-A-Raptor BBQ 60g
  • Chef’s Secret Everyday Umami Seasoning 300g
  • Scorch-a-Saurus chilli and garlic salt grinder 80g