ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet & Smoke Generator Bundle

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ProQ Smoking Wood Dust Selection Pack OFFER

ProQ Smoking Wood Dust is very high quality, 100% natural and sustainably sourced – ensuring you get the best smoke, every time. Selection of 5 different smoking wood including:
  • Apple Wood Dust
  • Whisky Wood Dust
  • Maple Wood Dust
  • Cherry Wood Dust
  • Oak Wood Dust
Please note: This Offer is only valid when purchase in conjunction with a ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet.

The ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet is a perfect companion for our ProQ Cold Smoke Generator, and is a great smoking chamber for beginners and regular users alike and comes with a ProQ cold smoke generator kit.

Made from weather resistant Galvanised Steel, this smoking cabinet is lightweight, durable and will survive all kinds of weather.

The ProQ Cold Smoking Cabinet has enough space to hang fish, smoke 2-3Kg of cheese or butter, and is perfect for smoking your own bacon.


  • Specifically designed for use with our Original ProQ Cold Smoke Generator (small)
  • Plenty of space to cold smoke your own fish, bacon, cheese or butter at home
  • Includes 3 removable stainless steel grills for easy cleaning
  • Lightweight, easy to store galvanised cabinet with magnetic locking door

Included with the Cold Smoke Generator:

  • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator
  • Enough ProQ Smoking Wood Dust for 1 fill of your generator, this is usually Oak
  • A tea light candle for lighting
  • A set of instructions

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Dimensions (cm) -Cabinet
31 x 31 x 62
Volume (L) - Cabinet
Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel Grills
Grill size (cm) Cabinet
27 x 26.5
Dimensions (Smoke Generator)
150 x 180 x 40mm
Burn Time (Smoke Generator)
Up to 12 hours
Construction (Smoke Generator)
Stainless Steel