Cold Smoke Generator

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Our ProQ Cold Smoke Generator is the perfect gadget for turning almost any cabinet or BBQ into a cold smoker. Perfect for all kinds of fish, bacon, cheese and even butter! Once you’ve made it yourself, you’ll never go back.

Our maze smoke generator is easy to use! Fill it with ProQ Smoking Wood Dust and light one end with a tea-light.

Included with the Cold Smoke Generator:

  • ProQ Cold Smoke Generator
  • Enough ProQ Smoking Wood Dust for 1 fill of your generator, this is usually Oak
  • A tea light candle for lighting
  • A set of instructions
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Stainless Steel

ProQ Original Cold Smoke Generator:

Dimensions: 150 x 180 x 40mm, 0.37KG

Burns for up to 12 hours

Suited to containers 30 – 150 litres

Made from Stainless Steel


ProQ Artisan Cold Smoke Generator:

Dimensions: 250 x 280 x 40mm, 0.77KG

Burns for up to 16 hours

Suited to containers 150 – 500 litres

Made from Stainless Steel