Cast iron Grate (1/2) for two-zone system 25″ Limited

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About the Kamado Bono Grate.
This cast iron Kamado Bono half-moon shaped grate is designed to use as part of a two-zone cooking set up.
Thanks to the thick cast iron construction, the half-moon grate holds heat to a restaurant standard, ensuring you get lovely char marks and rich flavours from your steaks, vegetables and fish.  Perfectly render and caramelise fat thanks to our cast iron’s superior heat distribution and high-contact searing capabilities.
It can be combined with the flat cast iron cooking surface. Use this half-moon shaped grate instead of traditional stainless steel grate or integrate it into the multifunctional dual zone cooking system.
Suitable for 25″ Limited Kamado Bono
SKU: 120-DC25GRID-1 Category: Brand: Kamado Bono
Packaged Dimensions
58 x 32 x 6cm
Kamado Bono