Borniak Cold Smoking Bundle – Alu-Zinc

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About the Borniak Cold Smoking Kit….

The Kit comprises of:

  • Borniak Smoke Generator Alu-Zinc
  • Borniak cold smoking adapter Alu-Zinc
  • Flexible Ducting

By attaching the Smoke Generator to the cold smoking adapter, and then by using the flexible ducting kit you can turn almost anything container into a cold smoking chamber.

The Smoke generator with built in wood chip hopper creates the smoke, the cold smoking adaptor removes the heat to ensure that only smoke is transferred to your cold smoking chamber.

Features of the Borniak Smoke Generator:

  • Keeps the level smoke constant!
  • The hopper can store up to 8 hours smoke worth of wood chips
  • Can be used flexibly for a wide variety of smokers
  • Suitable for smokehouses with a volume of up to 200 liters
  • Built-in slider to regulate the air supply individually

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