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A new age of smart grilling

Green Mountain Grills are the ultimate Wood Fired Pellet Grills.  With a GMG grill you can Grill smarter and  Eat better,  All of their grills give you complete control at your fingertips. Control and monitor your grill on-the-go, remotely with their server mode or from your home WiFi network.

Plus with three sizes available in the range, from the 219 sq inch Trek grill that is ideal for taking camping or to the beach to the 658 sq inch Peak which will allow you to cater for even the biggest of family gatherings.

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Prime Plus Features

Temperature Controlled Wood Fire

A motor turns the auger which feeds pellets into the firebox. There, a heat rod automatically ignites the pellets and a variable speed fan keeps them burning. The Venturi-style firebox is lined with vertical vents creating a burn pot air flow cyclone for maximum heat and complete combustion of the pellets with minimal waste.

Stainless Steel Heat Distribution

The heat shield* that covers the firebox distributes the heat to both sides of the grill, causing it to flow up into the convection-style grill chamber. A sensor mounted inside the grill sends data to the on-board computer 10 times every second, and the controller adjusts the air and pellet flow to maintain the temperature you set. *Heat shield styles and positioning vary between the different grill models.


This LIMITED WARRANTY covers defects in workmanship and materials for a period of three (3) years from the date of first retail purchase. During the warranty period, GMG Products, LLC (dba Green Mountain Grills) will replace or repair, at its sole option, any defective Green Mountain grill returned to us, or to one of our dealers, by its original purchaser. Any claims under this warranty must be received by the expiration of the warranty period.

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